Public Records Search

Criminal Records, Marriage/Divorce Records, Personal Records & Much More!

Personal Information

Things can get personal quick. We cover all the bases by providing basic information such as full legal name, current address, age, birth records, death records and more. We'll go deeper where you may find possible aliases and current listed telephone number on file. Our results are complete and accurate with details that will help you uncover if someone is possibly hiding the truth.

Arrest Records

No one wants to find out that someone they know has been arrested or been to jail, but it's an important thing to know about someone. We'll do a detailed criminal check on anyone you search and show you all available arrest and criminal conviction records they may have. You may find possible traffic tickets, arrest records, or outstanding warrants. When available, you'll be able to see the details of when and where the crime occurred and details about the offense.

Address History

You can tell a lot about a person by where they have been. We'll provide you an exhaustive address history on anyone complete with satellite pictures and all available details about each address including but not limited to possible roommates, phone numbers at address and census data. See how often someone has moved around and track down alarming patterns they may have.

Marriage / Divorce

Want to find out if someone is married or has ever been divorced? Search anyone and our service will search local government marriage/divorce records and provide a complete history of all available marriage or divorce records they have ever had. Get all the available details about each marriage or divorce including but not limited to month, year, location of the wedding, or reason for divorce.


See if someone holds a current Federal Aviation Administration pilot licenses or a Drug Enforcement Administration license. Get all the available details on each license including but not limited to license number, license status and expiration date. We pull records from the FAA and DEA so you can quickly and accurately find out if someone can prescribe controlled pharmaceuticals or fly a plane.

Sex Offenders

Sex offenders are scary and almost always dangerous people. We help you protect yourself by providing you a complete list of registered sex offenders that live near anyone. We'll provide details of what they were convicted for, current address, and any mugshots (when available) we have on record. Many of our clients avoid registered sex offenders by regularly searching themselves to get a current list of registered sex offenders that live nearby.

Partners & Associates

Our unique system will track down individuals who may be possibly associated with someone. We'll do an exhaustive search to track down possible relatives, business associates, roommates, boyfriends/girlfriends and any individual that may somehow be associated with the person you are searching.